Tiger Tattoo Origins

Welcome to Tiger Tattoo!

The Tiger Tattoo origins began after I made the commitment to my first big piece of ink. 

tiger-origin.jpgThe finished look is a three quarter sleeve of a dragon, adorned with red    cherry blossoms and a pair of yin yang koi fish at the base. I was determined to preserve the vivid colors of the tattoo long after the initial healing period.

In hopes of keeping my tattoo healthy, I ordered and tried all different after  care brands and products. However, no amount of balms, creams or lotions could get the job done which left me feeling discontent and hopeless about the future state of my tattoo. 

One day I thought I could be the change the tattoo aftercare market so desperately needed.I wanted to establish a brand that not only helped tattoo enthusiasts understand the importance of tattoo aftercare but also develop a line of formulas that preserve ink as if they just got it done yesterday.

The implementation of Manuka Honey into our formula was key in elevating Tiger Tattoo products from other tattoo aftercare brands. With extensive ingredient research, I discovered that Manuka Honey contains healing  properties for freshly pierced skin by naturally nourishing and hydrating the epidermis (outer layer of skin). The next step was importing Manuka Honey  from Switzerland to ensure a fresh, soothing sensation as soon as the products were applied to healing skin. Deciding to use the reconstructive powers of Manuka Honey made creating my tattoo aftercare essentials more straightforward. 

At Tiger Tattoo, we want users to feel powerful and bold like a Tiger by the use of our all natural ingredients. Now any tattoo lover can rely on the benefits of our Relieve After Care Gel, Moisturize Night Cream, Protect Sunscreen SPF 30 and Amplify Ink Balm to protect the vibrancy of their tattoo ink.